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best suits your needs by relying on our experience.

Bottega Immobiliare Servizi
Our Services


Evaluation and Estimation

We assess the real value of your property, combining technical parameters and market conditions with the value of our experience.


We collect and analyse the documentation relating to your property at urban and legal level, checking that everything complies with the law so that you can arrive at the conclusion of the contract with peace of mind.

Identifying the best profitability solution

Knowing and analysing the market on a daily basis, we are able to identify the most suitable solution to enhance the value of your property and optimise its profitability.

Bottega Immobiliare Servizi
Bottega Immobiliare Servizi
Our Services

Properties Management


We come personally, by appointment, to make an initial inspection of your property in order to get to know its characteristics up close.


We provide a comprehensive and tailor-made consultancy service: we assess the real value of the property, analyse the relevant documentation and identify the best solution to optimise its profitability, paying attention to your needs.

Home staging

We take care of creating a tailor-made project for your property in order to maximise its features and thus increase its profitability.


We promote your property on our website, online portals and social networks and include it in our agency's shop window to increase its visibility, given its excellent location in the historic centre of town.

Management and organisation of viewings

We manage and organise visits to your property, also using knowledge of foreign languages, given the increasing presence of people from all over the world for business for work or study reasons.

Drafting contracts

We take care of the drafting of residential and commercial leases and the endorsement procedure in the case of contracts at agreed rents.

Contract registration

We offer the services of contract registration, extensions, terminations and takeovers

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Bottega Immobiliare Servizi
Our Services

Support and Assistance for tenants

Management and organisation of visits

We manage and organise visits to your property, also using knowledge of languages, and we provide virtual tours of the flats for those who do not have the possibility of travelling on site

Language support

Thanks to our knowledge of languages, we translate and explain contracts, condominium regulations and house rules, and help clients with utility matters.

Declaration of hospitality

In the case of non-EU tenants, we take care of drafting and sending the declaration of hospitality to the Police Headquarters.

Bottega Immobiliare Servizi
Our Services

Flat and room rental management

for daily and monthly stay

Bureaucracy management

We take care of all the bureaucracy involved in dealing with the Region, the Municipality and the Police Headquarters to give you the peace of mind that you are always in compliance with the regulations.

Maintenance and sanitation management

We take care of your property by checking and sanitising it at every change of guest, and also by taking care of routine and special maintenance work.

Accommodation advertising, reservation management and guest support

We promote your property on our portal and on the world's leading portals with which we are directly connected to, we manage all bookings using software and management systems that prevent the risk of overbooking and we are there for the customer until the end of his stay.

Payment management

We manage payment collection through the most secure banking circuits and in line with all regulations and market requirements, thanks to direct agreements with banking institutions.

Offer of experiential paths

We offer guests a wide range of experiential throughout the Veneto region, providing support and tourist information service, also in presence, thanks to our corner "Bottega del Bottega del Turismo" in the historic centre.

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Bottega Immobiliare

Us for You

Since 2014 we have been welcoming our clients to our agency, located
in the historical centre of Padua, and we support them in
making the best choice by listening carefully to their needs. Moreover,
we have opened Bottega del Turismo, to participate in the
enhancement of our wonderful territory through
a wide range of experiences to be lived throughout the Veneto region.

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