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Every Property has Potential

Our task is to evaluate the most suitable project
to make your property profitable.

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Bottega Immobiliare

Sale & Lease

It is not only important how cosy your flat is but also its visibility
for an ideal buyer or tenant. Bottega Immobiliare makes the meeting
of supply and demand a reality thanks to the virtual and
non-virtual promotion of its selection of homes.

Vendita e Affitto

Our Values


We believe that the matching of supply and demand is the result of a clear, precise and professional intermediation between real estate agent and client.


We also pay special attention to the emotional part of finding, selling and buying your home.


Because every home has two values: one from the heart and one from the market. We guide you in finding the right balance between both.


For thirty years we have been following the dynamics of the property market and its variables in order to provide you with tailored advice on an ongoing basis.

Padova Centro

The center of our Services


Our aim is to support you professionally in choosing the most profitable solution for your property. We start by listening to your needs, and thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, we take care of all phases of the consultancy, from the collection and verification of documentation, through the real estate appraisal and cost analysis.

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